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It’s to make a difference!

Ohana HR, LLC was born out of a desire to help people be their best by doing great work in their organizations and maximizing their positive impact.  

In the Hawaiian culture, the word “Ohana” means family.  In a broader sense, it also includes friends and other important social groups.  We spend so much of our time at work that very often our teammates become Ohana.  Our vision is to bring that sense of extended-family and mutual support to the workplace.

Whether you are an individual or company large or small, it would be our pleasure to make you a part of our Ohana and go-along with you on your journey of discovery.

When we do our best work, our energy or “light” positively impacts others.  The services in this practice focus on helping people and organizations make their LIGHT shine brighter. 

Producing better leaders in the world means we’ve done our job!  

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