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L– Leadership

Ohana HR believes that leaders are at all levels.  We will partner with you to identify and enhance those competencies through real-world strategies designed to immediately expand your impact. 

I – Insight

Individuals and teams improve starting with self-discovery.   Based on your goals, we’ll use a variety of assessments (Hogan, Myers-Briggs, DISC, etc.) to improve understanding and bring greater clarity to communications at all levels.   


G – Guidance

Sometimes we need an external, experienced professional to help us.  We provide an assortment of guidance tools including individual and executive coaching and training.  


H – Human Resources Consulting

After completing assignments in 70+ countries, Ohana HR has the full breadth of operational and strategic HR expertise to help domestic and international companies, regardless of size or location. Our services include providing interim HR Executive leadership, helping startups form HR organizations, creating succession planning strategies, conducting M&A HR Due Diligence and leading pre and post deal cultural integration.


T– Transformation

Ohana HR helps organizations create strategic plans to move them from today to tomorrow.  We will help you align your strategic plan with your culture and people.  We offer strategy development, training and coaching in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging.

Allow us to help you ignite your inner passion and make a difference.  It starts with you!

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